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AARP Dating

AARP Dating

AARP Dating powered by How About We is a unique dating website that not only focuses on an online relationship but encourages face-to-face meetings. The website is based on the idea that people go online for a few minutes and then resume to the real world. The website is clean-cut and easy-to-understand. AARP Dating has been named as one of the friendliest online dating sites for seniors, it has a fun, laid-back layout that promotes the feeling of ease.

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  • Standard Membership: Free
  • 1 Month Paid Membership: $34.99
  • 3 Months Paid Membership: $47.97
  • 6 Months Paid Membership: $9.99
  • 12 Months Paid Membership: $7.99


  • Profile: AARP Dating allows its users to create a profile. Posting a profile picture in mandatory, this makes it easier for users to find their potential dates.
  • Money back guarantee: AARP Dating offers its members a money back guarantee if they are not able to go on a real-life date with their partner.
  • Countless Members: The site has over 1,000,000 members that gives you enough possibility to find your perfect match.
  • Find Members by Location: The ‘People’ tab allows you to find potential dates according to Recent Activity, Nearby and Newest. It allows notifies you about the members who are online. This makes it convenient for seniors to find a date.
  • Date Report: The website has a page called the ‘Date Report’ this page offers users a platform to suggest date ideas, share dating advice or undergo discussions.
  • Bonus points: AARP Dating offers points to its members for completing every milestone. By inviting three friends to the website, you can gain access to additional features that you would normally need to be upgraded to access.
  • Privacy and Safety: Privacy and protection is a top priority at AARP Dating. The website allows its members to feel safe. Users can disable certain people from viewing their profiles.
  • FAQs: Dating.AARP.org has a FAQs page that answers every possible query that a user might have.

AARP Dating Offers its Users

Free Membership

Unlike other online dating websites, AARP Dating values its customers. AARP Dating offers a 7 day free trial along with a 50% discount on the membership fee for members exclusively. As a member, you then get bonus points for completing every milestone. You can earn up to 1125 points just for completing your profile. Free membership allows you to browse to other users profiles and check for compatible members. You can even view the trending date ideas.

Encourages Live Meetings

Unlike other websites, AARP Dating encourages its users to go on real dates with real people. AARP Dating allows its members to propose and scan dates proposed by their potential partners. Date ideas can range from a simple coffee meeting to fancy dinner out. This gives members an idea about their potential partner’s interests and activities. AARP Dating promotes live meetings so this site is great for seniors who do not want to spend too much time online.

Search Engines

Unlike other dating websites, AARP Dating offers a unique search engine that allows users to scan and find places or ideas for what one can do on a date proposed by other members.

Members can also browse and search for their potential partners under the following categories: dates, people, trending, and recommended. This allows seniors to automatically find someone who they are compatible with.


AARP Dating is a fun and easy going dating website that is ideal for seniors who are tired of being crammed up at home. The website not only encourages seniors to find a partner but it also promotes friendships and real relationships as opposed to cyber ones. However, this would not be the site for you if you do not intend on meeting someone in person or need a lot of time to get to know someone before having an encounter with them.

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