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Senior Dating Conversation: Topics to Avoid

Senior dating websites open you up to a whole range of new and interesting people, who you wouldn’t have otherwise met. It’s an excellent platform for communicating with others, whether you are looking for friendship or a long-term relationship.

Now, senior dating websites offer all sorts of easy to use features, which make chatting with other members even easier. Dating websites give you the opportunity to chat with other members, and then, if everything is successful, meet up with any fellow users that you feel you hit it off with.

While senior dating websites have many it easier for more mature singletons to connect with others, sometimes, the conversation doesn’t go so well. This is because people don’t make the right impression, or they talk about the wrong types of topics.

Whether it’s chatting online or your first in-person meeting, there are certain topics of conversation that you should avoid. These topics can cause tension and put other people off.

If you want to make a great first impression, then you need to keep the conversation, light, fun and positive.

So what topics should you avoid talking about on your first meet or when you are first getting to know each other online?

1. Religion

Having views about religion is fine, but it is not the topic to discuss when you are first getting to know someone. So, if you are an atheist, don’t go on a rant about how much you dislike religion. The other person could be very religious, and you could offend them. So, don’t bring up the subject of religion when getting to know someone.

2. Politics

Politics is another topic that people tend to have strong opinions about. The problems is, if you express strong opinions and your date doesn’t agree with you, then, as it is so early on in the relationship, it can cause tension and awkwardness. So, keep political views quiet until later on in the relationship.

3. Personal Finances

Whether you are well-off or struggling, discussing personal finances early on in the relationship is not a good idea. When you are chatting with someone online or meeting an online date in person for the first time, talking about personal finances can be off-putting.

If you are wealthy, and you talk about it, then it could make you look superficial or like you are bragging, even if you are not. On the other hand, if you are having financial troubles, then this could put a downer on the date. Asking the other person what they earn is also a big no-no.

4. Exes

Arguably, exes are the worst thing that you can talk about when trying to build a relationship with another person. If you had a bad break up and rant about your former flame to your new love interest, then it can make you seem bitter.
On the other hand, if you talk favorably about your ex, your date might think that you still have feelings for them. Overall, talking about your ex will make your date feel like you are still hung up on them. So, do it. Your new date doesn’t want to hear about your ex anyway.

5. Sex

Unless it is all you are interested in, talking about sex when you are first getting to know someone is not a good idea. It sends the wrong impression. It can make you come across as desperate or even creepy and it might make your online date feel uncomfortable. If you want to form a real relationship with someone from a senior dating website, then don’t bring up the subject of sex, as your date might think it’s all you are interested in.

As your relationship with the other person develops, you will know more about each other and both you and your partner will feel more comfortable talking about controversial topics.

By the time the relationship is in the later stages, your feelings with each other will be more important that your differences in opinion about religion. So in the early stages of your relationship, remember to keep things light and positive and you will have a much better experience overall.