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Tips for Initiating Contact with Someone on a Senior Dating Website

You’ve found a senior dating website you really like, you’ve joined and you’ve put up a good profile. So, what do you do now? Do you just sit back and wait for users to find your profile and get in touch?

With online dating, you need to take action. You can’t just expect other members to come to you. You need to initiate contact with other members. Online, there are many ways that you can contact people. When you first contact someone on a senior dating site, it is usually via email or through the site’s messaging system.

Keep your Message Short But Sweet

When crafting your message, keep in mind that people are busy and they don’t want to have to read through a huge essay. Long messages can bore other people. Some users will even delete a message before attempting to read it, if it’s a long one. So, make sure that you keep your first message short, but sweet. You should focus on quality not quantity. Don’t try to tell the person your whole life story. You can provide more details later on.

Make it Specific

Generic messages do not do well when it comes to online dating. Sending something like “Hi, I liked your profile. Send me a message if you want to chat” is not the way to attract attention. If you send a generic message, not only will your message not stand out, it also looks like you haven’t really made an effort to get to know the person too. Also, it could look like you have just written one generic message and sent it out to several different members. Ultimately, it doesn’t make a good impression. So, make sure that you go into detail and be specific with the first message.

Don’t Bring up the Person’s Appearance

You might think that saying things in your message like, “I think you’re really beautiful” or “You are so handsome”, will flatter the other person. But, physical compliments in a first message can make other users feel uncomfortable, and they can even come across as being a little creepy. Complimenting other users is fine, but compliment them on their interests and hobbies, rather than their appearance. For example, you could say, “I see you like Seinfeld, you have great taste in TV shows”, or something similar.

Talk About their Interests

When you make initial contact with another user, if you talk about their interests, you will definitely make an impression. So, take the time to read the profile of each and every person you plan to contact, before writing out your message. Then, think of a way to incorporate the interests they talked about on their profile, in your message. If they mentioned that they enjoy hiking, and you enjoy it too, then tell them that. By talking about the other person’s interests, you show them that you have taken the time to read their profile.

Make it Light and Fun

Keep your first message fun and light, and don’t be afraid to use a little humor. Don’t be too serious, or take yourself too seriously either. This might put other users off. You want to come across as a fun person in your first message.

Give Them a Reason to Respond

Rather than just introducing yourself, the purpose of the first message is to open up communication between you and another user. So, you need to make sure that you give the person something to respond to. The best way to do this is to ask them a question. It could be about something you read on their profile.

Proofread your Message

Messages filled with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes don’t tend to perform well on senior dating websites. So, make sure that you take the time to proofread your message before you send it off. This way it makes you look like an intelligent person that has made an effort.

Remember that even if you do make an effort with your first message, not every person that you contact is going to respond. However, don’t let this put you off. Online dating takes a little time, but eventually, you’ll meet someone.